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As far as I can remember, nature, animals, landscapes and remote people have always had a special place in my imagination. Being descended of Africans has made me hear countless stories about that mysterious continent where animals live a wild life and where the landscapes are so vast that it never finds the horizon, it was through these stories that I knew that one day  my way and  Africa would cross paths.  

But sometimes life writes its own history … In 2003 I left Portugal, my country of birth to live in Germany where I learned German and a country for which I have a lot of affection. but in 2009 after living in Germany for several years I finally managed to realize that childhood dream, living in Africa, a dream that surpassed all my expectations. 

After spending an incredible year and a half studying African wildlife in a reserve surrounded by animals, I was able to obtain the graduations of safari guide and marine guide. Since then I have explored this wonderful continent and have been privileged to take clients to incredible places to observe, photograph and most importantly, to fall in love with Africa. 

In 2012 I founded the safaris company, Unique-Safaris where I am a guide and I continue to live that childhood dream but now I have the pleasure of sharing that dream with my clients. My intention is to show, share and educate my clients not only about wildlife in Africa but also about their peoples and different cultures that make this continent a unique place to visit. 

“My wife and I had a wonderful day on this safari! We saw a lot of animals close up which was a magical experience. Our guide Alex Freire (from Unique Safaris) did his utmost best to show us as much as possible. He made us feel safe and comfortable and was very friendly and informative. He really gave us a lot of insight on the animals and the nature. We highly recommend him as a tour guide.”

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